Domain Name Web Hosting
For Artists and Very Small Businesses

What is a Web Presence Provider?

Every web page has to reside on a server (a special computer with a modem and a router) that is connected to the Internet. It is a kind of parking garage for your web page. MacSolutions sends your page out over the Internet whenever someone calls it up.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your address on the Internet that belongs to you and is transferable to any server. Every name on the Internet is unique, although the same name can have different suffix such as,, or Our name is and our web designer's name is A whole address would be You have to register your domain name and pay for it.

What does it cost?...the basics for getting a site on the Net

MacSolutions charges $180 per year to host your page. In the first year there is a one time set up fee of $25. If you don't have a domain name MacSolutions will register your name for $30 for two years. Call Richard Ellmyer at 503 289-7174 Pacific time or write an E-mail at ellmyer (at)

What's included?

  • One email address such as
  • Artists, lots of room for your image rich site
  • Easily accessed, password protected FTP access so you can upload your site and changes to it.
  • User accessible reports on site activity
  • Limited Subscribership so we can handle to insure personal service
  • Responsive and Timely Technical Support

Other Services...for additional but reasonable fees

  • Additional Email Addresses
  • FileMaker Pro Database Hosting: Create and maintain your own database.
  • List Server Services: Announcement lists, email on demand, mail forums and more.
  • Forms Development
  • Macintosh Consulting, more help when you need it